Each year, as is tradition with the IISE Conference, competitions are held between delegated teams of
students from the various universities attending the conference. Students must work as a team to
showcase their abilities and complete an assigned task in the allotted time period.

Case Study

The most popular of the competitions, students are exposed to a real-life problem provided by a sponsoring organization and challenged to devise and present a realistic solution within 4 hours

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1st Place : Polytechnique Montréal

David Labonté, Mathieu Parizeau, Dominique Therrien, and Sarah-Chloé Lacoste

2nd Place: Concordia University

Nima Sajedi, Taieb Ben Thabet, Mehdi Boudiffa, and Andrew Abouaccar

Simulation Competition

Teams of up to three students develop over eight weeks a solution to real-world problems and cases with the aid of the Rockwell Automation simulation package: Arena. 

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1st Place : Concordia

Adrienne Richard, Nickolas Turmel, and Nada Kharrague

2nd Place: UQTR

Amélie Corriveau, Alexandra Rousseau, and Audrey Cossette

3rd Place: Dalhousie

Cecil Ash, Ian Kerr, and Dylan Camus

Technical Paper

Delegates from each university write and present a paper on a problem tackled during internships, course projects, or research. The winner of this competition advances to represent Canada at the IISE International Conference


1st Place : Polytechnique Montréal

Valérie Léonard

2nd Place: Dalhousie

Peter Drohan

3rd Place : Polytechnique Montréal

Roxanne Desrosiers

Theoretical Exam

A test of the theoretical knowledge of the participating teams who collaboratively complete a challenging three-hour exam to test their knowledge of industrial engineering concepts


1st Place : Polytechnique Montréal

Jean-Philippe Boilard, Vincent Tremblay, Mathilde Ricard, and Eolie Maurice


2nd Place: University of Waterloo

Reed Rogers, Alyssa Hopkins, Sarah McCurdy, and Allison Jacobs

3rd Place: UQTR

Antoine Proulx, Jean-Nicolas Guay, Sarah Charbonneau, and Camille Hamelin-Allard